Damon Brackets

The Damon Bracket System Has Changed The Way We Can Treat Orthodontic Patients Today.

Traditional orthodontic therapy (braces) involves tying in archwires with colored elastics or small stainless steel wires. This can bind up the archwire and cause the teeth to move at a slower rate.

The Damon System has a patented built-in sliding door that holds the wire allowing it to move more freely to straighten your teeth. We can use very gentle pressure, working with the natural forces of your body.

This allows your dental arches to develop the way they were always meant to. In most cases, this is accomplished in far less time with fewer appointments and with far greater comfort!

Achieve That Perfect Smile You Deserve With Fewer Orthodontic Visits

Traditional braces use colored elastics to hold on to the archwire. The elastics have to be changed frequently because they wear out and become stained over time.  Since the Damon braces have a unique sliding door, they require fewer adjustments. The light force, high-technology wires continue to work for a longer period of time.

This means fewer office visits than with conventional braces. We want to make your treatment is as comfortable as possible and fit easily into your busy schedule.   Here are some other reasons why patients love the damon bracket system:

  • Fast Treatment
  • Extraordinary Results
  • Greater Comfort without Tightening
  • A Great Smile for a Lifetime
  • No Speech Impediments
  • Few Office Visits

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