What to Expect on Your First Orthodontic Visit

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Our office was designed to create a fun-loving & safe environment where you will feel comfortable before, during, and after your appointment.

Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by Dara. She will assist you with getting checked in. We will begin by taking you on a office tour to meet everyone and become acquainted with the office.

You, or your child, will then go to our consultation room for your first visit with Dr. McGarrell. We always have a fully-stocked tooth brushing station available.   On your first visit, our objective is to be able to look at the long-term needs for the patient.

At this visit, one of three outcomes will be determined:

  1. Treatment is beneficial now.
  2. Treatment is not beneficial at all.
  3. Treatment will be beneficial, but the timing is such, that it should be delayed until appropriate growth, tooth eruption, or another factor is complete; this will be monitored and reconciled.

No Charge for Records

If it is more beneficial to the patient to begin treatment now, records (photographs, study models, radiographs) can be taken at this appointment. There is no charge for the records. Dr. McGarrell considers this to be a vital part in making a correct diagnosis. In limited cases, fees and diagnosis can be determined at the first appointment and treatment can begin in certain situations.

Comprehensive Cases

However, for many comprehensive cases (cases where we are not only straightening the teeth, but also correcting a malocclusion), Dr. McGarrell will first need to study the records. Then, on your second visit, we will provide a complete clinical diagnosis regarding the nature of the problem, a written summary of the findings, and a detailed plan that outlines your treatment, goals and estimated fees. We encourage questions from both the patient and the parent, and as always, we provide ample time to answer your questions.

We Take The Time to Analyze Each Case Carefully

Dr. McGarrell feels that that although “one-stop shopping” has become popular in dentistry and orthodontics, there is no substitute for taking time to analyze each case. After all, no two bites are exactly the same, and we are not in the business to “sell” you orthodontics as quickly as possible.

We Are Committed to You

Please understand that this extra time is our commitment to you in order to provide the best care possible. At the second appointment, treatment can begin once the patient or parent has agreed to a treatment plan.

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