Treatment Philosophy

girl with braces

Make The Right Decision About Your Dental Braces Needs Based on The Facts

I view it as my responsibility to provide those who seek orthodontic care at McGarrell Orthodontics with information on any options available to that particular individual.

I like to start with the optimal treatment and include any compromised plans giving the pros and cons of each. There may be situations in another’s life that preclude certain options and those should be considered.

After this information is ascertained the responsible party should ask any questions that could affect the process. They will then decide how to proceed. My sincere desire is that you get what you want. That could be treatment now or later, in this office or another.

We Start You With Braces When You or Your Child is Ready

I practice to optimize occlusions and esthetics in our treatments, emphasizing TMJ health, optimal occlusions, and desired esthetics.

In general, I am not a proponent of two-phase or early treatment. In some cases, it can be beneficial; however, for the majority of people, studies show that we can have the same outcome in one, more efficient phase later.

There are certainly valid reasons to do early treatment, but in many cases there is not a “certain window” where you absolutely must treat. Likewise, treatment can also be started in adulthood! I have had patients in their 60’s tell me that they are finally doing what they have always dreamed about doing- -braces!

We Have a Child, Teen & Adult Friendly Dental Office

Our office is both child and adult-friendly. We are proud to say that we are on a first name basis with all of our patients. Orthodontics truly is a team effort. Dr. McGarrell’s staff, patients, and parents all play harmonious roles in order to achieve success. We want to make sure our patients are cared for, informed, and happy. We pride ourselves on being on time, efficient with our treatment, and of being of service whenever we can.

Why So Many People Choose Our Orthodontic Care Over Other Orthodontists

  • OUR PURPOSE in this office is to provide the highest quality of orthodontic care and education, to our patients, and the community. Our focus is creating and maintaining healthy, functional smiles.
  • OUR MISSION is to provide a friendly, warm and caring atmosphere for our patients. In addition, our mission is to provide care in a relaxed and enjoyable setting where each patient is treated individually.
  • OUR GOALS are to help you achieve a sense of personal satisfaction and to create a memorable, personal orthodontic experience.